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Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve 10 yr Bourbon


Within Wild Turkey’s regularly available bourbons, Russell’s Reserve 10 Year has the highest age but one of the lowest proofs. This distinction allows the nuances of higher aged Wild Turkey bourbon to be showcased in a more delicate way. And because it’s batched, Russell’s Reserve 10 Year is presumably more consistent as compared to Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel and Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit. Because Wild Turkey’s regularly available bourbons all originate from the same mashbill, a low barrel entry proof, and fall within a relatively tight age band, variations between them are arguably more nuanced than variations among bourbons offered by some of Kentucky’s other big distilleries. With that being said, Russell’s Reserve 10 Year still finds its place within the Wild Turkey lineup offering an experience that’s different enough from the others to make it worthwhile.


A portion of profits from this feature will go to First Responders.

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